The very best legal representation in criminal defense cases cannot be assured without the very best investigation. How can defendants hope to occupy an equitable space when facing prosecution from the Governments of the most powerful countries in the world without the best legal representation?

A high standard of investigation will undoubtedly raise the standard of legal representation, the equation is a simple one.

255 Research and Investigation provides exactly that; high quality investigation services with a particular focus on National Security, Capital and Juvenile cases. In addition we work to investigate Human Rights violations across the globe.

We also train people to conduct specialist frontline investigation using methodology that focuses heavily on culture and community and takes into account the key factors of race and racism, and have developed best practice guides for frontline investigation work. Our work takes place around the world and our mission is to make improvements to this vital area of legal defence work on a global scale.

255 is actively working with legal professionals, legal organisations, academic institutions and NGOs to address the challenges and deficiencies in the field of criminal defense investigation.

The importance of investigation in criminal cases is understood, however the provision of investigation of a high standard is not always guaranteed. That needs to change in order to move criminal defendants closer to that equitable space and to prevent injustice.

255 Research and Investigation is working towards that change.