We investigate, on the frontline. That is where our strength lies.

In an era where fear surrounds those locations, those communities, and those families connected to individuals facing criminal charges and the harshest of sentences we enter those locations, those communities and we make contact with witnesses, families and friends to obtain the facts to strengthen legal defense.

Our work often takes place in some of the most difficult investigative environments in the world, where truth-telling can have the gravest of consequences. We enter those environments, gain trust, do the work that needs to be done and…get results.

We get proximity but we get much closer than that and connect with people and communities, applying methodology that takes a cultural approach and recognises, always, the importance of culture in the work that we do.

Working closely with trusted local partners across the globe to conduct investigation in areas where this type of legal defense work seems almost impossible, we make it happen and via frontline investigation effect positive impact on our cases and projects.

We also provide training in frontline mitigation and fact investigation for individuals, projects and organisations around the globe with the aim of improving investigation as a vital legal service but also as a means of tackling and fighting injustice.

Get in touch, let’s start a conversation and let’s explore how we can work together.